What is Sinoclear™?

Recommended for chronic nasal sufferers, Sinoclear can be used as often as needed without harming the delicate nasal tissues or causing unpleasant side effects. Safe for use during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and even by those intolerant to traditional decongestants, it’s the natural alternative to medicated decongestants and saline solutions.

Dual-action formula
Sinoclear restores clear breathing through nasal passages with a dual-action hypertonic formula that:

1. Clears and opens nasal and sinus passages

2. Soothes delicate nasal tissues

All natural
Preservative-free Sinoclear is made up of a 2.2% hypertonic concentration of mineral salts in a sterile seawater solution and it contains more than 80 minerals that work together to help repair delicate nasal tissues and to expel excess fluids from swollen sinus passages, a natural process known as the “osmotic effect.”

- Key minerals - mg/l content - Key minerals - mg/l content
- Chloride - 10,000-13,000 - Potassium - 100-250
- Sodium - 5,500-7,500 - Iron - < 1
- Sulfur - 2,755 - Selenium - < 1
- Magnesium - 1,100-1,500 - Zinc - < 1
- Calcium - 300-450 - Copper - < 1

Thanks to its all-natural formula, Sinoclear is safer than traditional decongestants. And because it does not contain medication, Sinoclear is non-habit forming, does not cause unpleasant side effects and won’t interfere with any other medications you may currently be taking.

 Sinoclear is available in two convenient sizes:


25 ml
Decongestant spray for convenient daily use


135 ml
Value size

Decongestant irrigation spray that delivers
a continuous fine stream towards the sinuses

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